A Christmas Dream

Walk with me into a Christmas dream.

December 25, 2022, the phone rings at Serenity Farm Virginia

“Hello, Jo speaking.”

“Merry Christmas Jo, this is Santa. Rudolph has been following you on social media. He told me about your animal sanctuary and education mission. He said you would like to move to a larger space so you can rescue more animals, create a beautiful wildlife habitat, have a larger parking area, and build a pavilion for educational events.”

“Yes, Santa that’s right. I didn’t realize Rudolph was on Facebook. How does he navigate that with hooves?”

“He manages. I called to tell you I am working on it and hope to soon put you in touch with someone who shares your vision and would like to donate property to Serenity Farm Virginia.”

“That would be wonderful! Thank you so much Santa. I can’t wait to meet this person.”

Currently we are leasing three acres and follow a plan that efficiently utilizes every part. Our rescue animal family includes eight sheep, 11 goats, five pigs, three donkeys, two turkeys, 18 ducks, 30 chickens, three dogs, two cats and seven rabbits. Four neglected and emaciated puppies were rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted to loving homes.

The wildlife habitat has been planted with native trees, bushes, and plants. The land has been transformed from a disrespected and unappreciated piece of property 18 years ago to a flourishing natural respite for native flora, animals, insects, and people.

It is now time to move to a larger space where we can expand our work on behalf of animals and the earth.

Do you have property you would like to preserve for the future? We are open to land use restrictions to make that possible. Would you benefit from a tax deduction? Serenity Farm Virginia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.

Please contact us and let’s talk about how we can further the mission of Serenity Farm Virginia as a team.

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