Bailey is a long-term foster dog from Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training. She is receiving hospice care at Serenity Farm to manage her physical challenges and allow her to have the best quality of life possible.

Update 3/1/21: Today we said goodbye to our sweet Bailey. She was dearly loved.

Bailey arrived at Serenity Farm in 2019 at two years old with numerous health problems that began when she was a puppy. She suffered from seizures, digestive issues, lameness, allergies and chronic ear infections. A few months later an MRI revealed brain damage. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and hydrocephalus.

In 2020, after a severe ear infection, Bailey developed vestibular disease that affected her balance and she was not able to walk. With medical intervention and her indominable spirit, Bailey slowly improved.

2021 began with more challenges. Bailey suddenly lost her eyesight due to increased cranial pressure from hydrocephalus. Although the first few days were frightening for her, she pushed through, as she has done with each new challenge, and soon learned to navigate the house and deck. With medication, the pressure lessened and Bailey’s vision improved. Although she has no peripheral vision and limited depth perception she is now able to see her surroundings.

Bailey has such a sweet innocence about her and a pure joy for life.

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