Oliver left this earth on 10/5/23. He was dearly loved and is greatly missed.

Oliver arrived in August of 2020. At his previous home he was fed an inappropriate diet which caused him to become extremely obese. Folds of skin and fat covered his eyes, and his legs, no longer able to bear the weight, became deformed. His hooves were so overgrown he walked with a gait similar to a seal. His tusks were growing into his cheeks which impaired his ability to chew and drink. And after years of living in a horse stall without fresh air or sunshine he was suffering from a skin infection and respiratory infection.

Oliver the Pot Belly Pig

Depressed and disengaged from his surroundings, unable to walk more than a few feet, Oliver initially spent all of his time sleeping.

Helping our new friend heal

A tusk and foot trim, requiring anesthesia, were urgently needed but we were concerned about the risk with his respiratory issues. After a month on antibiotics his lungs were not yet clear. A plan was made to perform the procedures without sedation. Would a blind pig willingly lay on his back and allow us to do strange and frightening things to his mouth and feet? Surrounded by straw bales to help him feel secure and with lots of loving encouragement from the vet and volunteers, we turned him upside down. This brave fellow endured it all and we were successful. After a few days he was learning to walk without the impediment of the long hooves and to eat and drink without tusks that prevented his mouth from closing.

He can now enjoy the outdoors

Weight loss from his healthy diet has allowed Oliver to become mobile and his eyes are uncovered. Although the damage to his eyes is permanent, he is now able to see some light and shadow. His skin continues to improve with regular massages of coconut oil and lavender. When asked if he is ready for his massage we are answered with a sweet grunt. He is so much happier and his health continues to improve every day.

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