The Herb Sisters

On October 11th we rescued a litter of severely neglected puppies. The previous owner told us they were three months old, but they appear to have been eight weeks or less at the time.  Sage was dangerously thin at only four pounds with a body score of one.

Upon arrival they began receiving small meals every two hours. Their homemade meals included local meat, bone broth, raw honey, free range eggs and Dr. Harvey’s Canine Complete.  Within one week they gained weight, had bright eyes, and were wagging their tails. At her weekly weigh-in on 10/29 Sage was up to nine pounds.

The Herb Sisters continue to grow stronger each day. Their difficult past is a distant memory, and they are joyful, bouncy girls.

Thyme is a little shy and stays in the background. She waits for the opportunity to be picked up and then melts into your lap for her one-on-one time.

Burdock is the most outgoing of the group. She is a playful and curious girl who will follow you anywhere. 

Rosemary is the most talkative and doesn’t miss anything. Although a little shy initially, she enjoys new experiences.   

Sage is a snuggle bug who craves attention and love.

These little sweethearts will be available for adoption mid November. Rosemary may be available later than her sisters. She has developed knuckling of her front legs as a result of the starvation in her prior home. We are hoping this is temporary and will pass after the ligaments strengthen. She is being monitored by our veterinarian and can be adopted after the condition improves.

Visit our Puppy Adoption page to view our adoption process and request an application.


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