Hodie the sweet donkey

Hodie arrived in December of 2021. She was suffering from severe foot pain caused by laminitis and white line disease. The pain medication she was on when she arrived did little to ease her pain and walking was very difficult. X-rays at her previous home revealed changes in her foot bones from chronic laminitis.

Hodie was shy and not used to the lead, so we worked slowly to acclimate her to the new surroundings and being handled. Although cautious, she appreciated the interactions and began to perk up whenever we approached.

After she was comfortable with us, our farrier and veterinarian arrived. Although her feet were very tender, she stood quietly without complaint as the farrier worked on her. Her hooves are permanently deformed but the excellent work of our farrier allowed her to begin walking comfortably.

The vet is optimistic that she can live a normal life with special care, proper nutrition, and regular hoof trimming.

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