Alfonzo came to us from a terrible neglect situation. His feet were so overgrown he had to walk on his knees and his skin crawled from a severe mite and lice infestation. In his previous home Alfonso lived in a muddy pig pen which caused the skin on his stomach to become thick and calloused. Our wonderful vet worked on his feet for over two hours and treated him for the parasites. Through it all, Alfonzo was patient and sweet. For the next few weeks, we gave him daily massages of coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Those sessions were healing for both his skin and his emotional health. Slowly the sad expression left his face. Today Alfonzo is a happy and healthy goat. His feet will probably never be normal because of the severity of the overgrowth but he is able to walk without discomfort now.

Update: On May 9, 2022 Alfonzo left this earth surrounded by love. You are missed so very much sweet boy.

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