Our Newest Family Members

Max & Katrina

In January we added two new cats to the family. Max and Katrina became homeless after their owners passed away. They suddenly found themselves outside in the cold with no one to care for them. Thankfully, a kind neighbor created a warm space for them under his house and fed them until a new home could be found. Seventeen-year-old Max had not received his thyroid medicine for some time. He arrived extremely thin with a matted coat. Since beginning his medication, he has gained weight and has more energy. Seven-year-old Katrina is a lively kitty who is very bonded to Max. She stays close to her friend and often hugs him by draping her tail over his back. Max and Katrina have a forever home at Serenity Farm Virginia where they will never be cold or hungry again.


Anjo arrived in December after being rescued from a drainage pipe in Berryville. She is a sweet girl who appears to have had a very rough life. Anjo is being treated for numerous medical issues and is slowly recovering. Her most recent blood test results showed a dramatic improvement, and she is feeling much better. Anjo has transformed from a sad and miserable dog into a happy girl who loves to run around the yard and snuggle on the sofa. When she is completely healed Anjo will be available for adoption.


Penelope arrived this week to join Petunia as our official greeters. She has lived a good life with her family for 10 years. Unfortunately, they are relocating to a place that does not allow pigs, so they had to make the difficult decision to find her a new home. After researching animal sanctuaries, they chose Serenity Farm Virginia to care for their precious girl. She and Petunia are getting to know each other and will soon be frolicking together in the backyard.

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