Spring Sanctuary News

Animal Love

At Serenity Farm we see compassion, love and empathy every day from our dedicated volunteers, Board of Directors, Advisory Committee members, and visitors.  Empathy in its purest form is on display when children hug the donkeys, pet the turkeys, and softly look into the eyes of a sheep. Our education mission of respect for animals as sentient beings with feelings, emotions and intelligence is often accomplished without our help.  All that is needed is to walk into the pasture among the animals.

Come experience the serenity of nature and animals for yourself. We are open by appointment Thursday through Sunday and would love to share this special place with you.

The Circle of Life

In the last few weeks, we have welcomed new friends and said goodbye to old friends.

Brandy, our sweet and gentle 13-year-old golden retriever passed away. Her absence is felt by her canine buddies and her people.

We also said goodbye to Gracie cat who joined the family 10 years ago. She will be immortalized with a dedicated cat room named in her honor.  Stay tuned for progress reports on the construction of “Gracie’s Place.”

Welcome to our new friends!

Tucker, a 17-year-old quarter horse was given up by his previous owner due to health issues.  After a few days of uncertainty about sharing a pasture with sheep and goats, he soon realized his retirement home is a good place. This beautiful boy will spend the rest of his days grazing and being loved at Serenity Farm.

Bella joined her companions Max and Katrina. They were all from a group of cats who suddenly lost their home and were put outside in the winter weather. A kind rescuer provided care for them while he searched for new homes. All of the cats now have families of their own.

Anjo came to Serenity Farm in December after being rescued from a drainage ditch pipe. She suffered from many health issues including a severe skin condition. With the help of our Holistic Healing Advisory Committee, she slowly improved and today is a healthy and happy girl. Initially our plan was to make her available for adoption, but those plans have now changed. We are happy to announce that Anjo has found her forever home at Serenity Farm! She is loving life with her playmate Teddy.

In March we were contacted about a three-week-old baby goat with frostbite injuries to her feet and ears. When Leilah arrived, along with her sister Chocolate, we realized Leilah’s injuries were extensive. She lost a significant part of both ears and the lower section of both hind legs. She is an amazing little girl who is learning to adapt to her challenges. We are protecting her legs with special socks and bandages to allow her some mobility. After viewing photos of her legs, Bionic Pets let us know she is a candidate for prosthetics and will provide them for a discounted cost of $1,650.  She will be fitted for her new legs in a few months when she is fully grown. You can donate to Leilah’s medical fund here.

Beer & Bites for Baby Goats

Join us at Dirt Farm Brewery in Bluemont, VA on June 2nd for a Leilah fundraiser! 15% of proceeds from food and drink purchased by those that register will go toward Leilah’s medical cost! Register now and please share with your friends. Kids and dogs are more than welcome!

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